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ClipOn EMG   

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ClipOn EMG V-0.0

                                                                             by Akshay Jain


   Surface EMG signals are electrical signals produced due to activity in muscles. These signals can be captured by placing electrodes over the muscles, and then can be processed to detect activity. They can be used for people with disabilities who are not able to control their body parts, but still can move some of the muscles. There are some wireless sEMG sensor systems available in the market, however, they are either expensive or complex to use.

   Here, our project develops a ClipOn EMG system which taps the EMG signals, processes them using a simple electronic circuit and transmits them to a host computer using TS 7250 board over a local network wirelessly. The host computer plots the received signals and processes them for detecting two types of gestures performed by the person. Finally, we show an application where the clip on EMG system is used along with another system which helps a person with speech disability to convey his/her messages through a speak synthesizer.

Wireless EMG demo video









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