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Every year, the College of Engineering promotes the Engineers Week, or EWeek.

One of the many events of the EWeek is the Lab Exhibits -- an open house where each department puts out lab exhibits pertaining to their field of research.

This year (2009), the ViGIR Lab won first prize with the exhibit:

        Wii using only 'We' -- A demonstration on how next-generation video games
                                       will capture your motions without the use of controller
                                       (this was a demonstration of research done pre-Kinect,
                                       using only passive sensors -- i.e. one camera)

and also

        Virtual Moon Rover -- Where visitors could drive a mobile robot simulating
                                       a moon rover through the hallways of EBW

Check the videos and pictures here:

        Wii using only 'We': The Virtual Wall: duck, jump, and stand still to avoid
                                      being hit by the wall (video0, video1)

                                      Simon Says: observe carefully the sequence of colors
                                      and sounds and then try to repeat it by touching the
                                      virtual buttons around you (video0, video1)

        Virtual Moon Rover: Drive this "moon rover" as it sends video feed from
                                      "the moon" while your steering commands are sent
                                      back to the rover (a 1.255 second delay each way)
                                      (video0, video1)



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