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Object Recognition

                                                                             by Isma Hadji


   Object recognition is a hot topic in the field of computer vision that arises the interest of many researchers in the field. Any object recognition algorithm relies heavily on a good pair of detectors /descriptors that affect the discrimination power of any classifier used to recognize those objects and categorize them. For many years the recognition task was mainly relying on 2D images and therefore was using 2D features.
   However, with the appearance of 3D cameras, such as the Kinect, other descriptors have come into play in order to take advantage of the 3D information brought by these cameras. Our main research interest is therefore to work on 3D Detectors/Descriptors for tasks such as object recognition, scene understanding and scene matching. Also, same ideas can be used for human pose recognition…etc.
The basic workflow followed for doing this is first scene segmentation, second feature detection/description and finally object classification.








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