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Mizzou CIS - Third Student Poster Competition   

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Mizzou Chapter



     Winners of the Third Student Poster Competition

        First Place Grad-Student ($150): (tied) Ryanne Dolan (ECE/CS) and Yuanqiang (Evan) Dong (ECE). Titles: GPU-based Simulation and
 Visualization of Cellular Neural Networks for Image Processing; and A New Hierarchical Particle Filter for Human Motion Detection (respectively)


        Third Place Grad-Student ($50):
Weijun Huang. Title: Surveying Satellite Orbit Design using Differential


               First Place Undergrad-Student ($150): Marianne Catanho (ECE). Title: Modeling the rapid transmission of information
 within a social group of insects: Emergent patterns in the anti-predator signals


        Second Place Undergrad-Student ($100): Matt Wood (ECE). Title: Evolutionary Algorithm Experiments with the Generalized
Rastrigin's Function




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