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     In the long term, the main goal of our research in the ViGIR Lab is to build an augmented and virtual reality deck (or, as I call it, a Holodeck) where robotic systems can interact with and learn from humans by observing their actions. The learning part will take place at the same time as the human demonstrations are taking place in the augmented reality environment. That is, in these so called Holodecks, humans will perform tasks such as: the tedious assembly of industrial parts; rescue, maintenance, and exploration in hazardous environments such as deep seas, space exploration; etc. All of this by interacting with safe computer generated representations of these environments. (see holodeck1.jpg)

    In order to do that, inside the Holodeck vision systems will capture the motions of heads, legs, arms, hands, and fingers and "transfer" these motions to actual robotic counterparts -- mobile robots, industrial robots, etc. These robotic counterparts will perform the desired task, which may be also simply mimicked by the robots so they can be reproduced more precisely and a large number of times.

    Note that humans will perform the tasks in the augmented reality environment exactly as if they were at the real location. The human motions will then be analyzed by real and virtual cameras that will capture and present the motions from different vantage points. The learned motions will then be used to establish control set points for real robotic execution of the same task in the real environments with the help of multi-stereo tracking and visual servoing.


    Most of the research projects below are related to the construction of this Holodeck.


More details to come ... 



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