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If you are a prospective grad student interested in joining the lab, you MUST first get accepted by the University of Missouri and by one of the departments with which I am associated (i.e. ECE or CS).

For information on how to apply to our Ms. or PhD programs, please, check the University GradSchool and its Admission Website.

If you are already a grad student in our department and needs information on what classes to take, here is a suggestion for a plan of study in Robotic Vision.  If you are interested in Robotic Control, this plan of study may be more adequate. Other information about our graduate program and the requirements for a MSc. or PhD can be found here.

If you are an undergrad looking for tracks, check this out.


"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success."

Albert Schweitzer


Because I truly believe in the above quote, you shall never see me listing research topics for students to choose. Instead, I prefer and strongly suggest that you look around, check our research page, our list of papers, and get a better idea of ViGIR laboratory and its members. If you find something interesting, something exciting, or something with which you identify, come talk to me and we will try to come up with a research topic that you will enjoy.

Whether in my lab or not, one must choose a research topic with which he/she identifies; a topic that they feel excited and challenged to do; an environment where they feel comfortable... In other words, only if the student makes a choice that he/she feels happy about, then he/she will be productive, will give more of themselves, will work harder, and will reach higher goals, while preserving the pleasure of doing so. That is the only way anyone will get good marks and that is the only way anyone will ever be successful in life.


So, look around and stop by my office if you enjoy what you see.  ;-)


                                                                 Guilherme DeSouza




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