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Assistive Technology   

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Robotic Assitive Technology

by Gui DeSouza and Darren Gabbert

ViGIR Lab's Robotic Assistive Technology in the College News

We have been exploring many applications of robotics, robotic vision, pattern recognition, etc. for Assistive Technology.  Some of this research is also being conducted as assignments in my graduate level classes, or as undergraduate research, such as  Capstone Projects (senior undergrads) and Engineering Projects (junior undergrads).

Darren Gabbert (with help from Erin McGruder and Brennan Hobart) have produced a very nice summary of this research in the form of a poster.  Darren is presenting this poster at the 2010 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

Below, I reproduce some parts of the poster for a quick reference.



  1. D. Gabbert, H. W. Tyrer, and G. N. DeSouza, " Robotics and Assistive Technology: A Win-Win Scenario", Poster presentation at EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference, June/2010, Atlanta, USA



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