Isma Hadji

Personal Website


Welcome to my web page!

My name is Isma Hadji. I am currently a Masters student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Missouri.

I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Boumerdes, in 2011. I was then granted a Fulbright scholarship in 2012, to pursue a MS degree at the University of Missouri. I joined the Vision-Guided and Intelligent Robotics Lab as a research assistant soon after I came to MU. I am currently working towards the completion of my MS thesis where my main focus is 3D Object Recognition.

      My research interests revolve around:  

  • Computer Vision and Image Processing

  • Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition.

  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems.


Explore my website to learn more about my research and projects.