Evan Dong

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University of Missouri–Columbia

Selected Publications
Y. Dong and G.N. DeSouza. Adaptive Learning of Multi-Subspace for Foreground Detection under Illumination Changes. Submitted to Computer Vision and Image Understanding. (2009)
Y. Dong, T. X. Han and G.N. DeSouza. Illumination Invariant Foreground Detection using Multi-Subspace Learning. Submitted to Machine Vision and Applications. (2009)
Y. Dong and G.N. DeSouza. A New Hierarchical Particle Filtering for Markerless Human Motion Capture. IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence. (2009)
T. Koeing, Y. Dong and G.N. DeSouza. Image-based Visual Servoing of a Real Robot using a Quaternion Formulation. IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent System, Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics. (2008)